Wingwave jelképe a pillangó

About the method

The wingwave method is a coaching process, which helps to resolve the client’s fears, anxiety, ’stuck’ contents through a series of sessions. Furthermore it enhances the general well-being, creativity and mental fitness. We can activate the client’s resources, enhance the client’s self assessment and reduce the insecurities he/she might have about him/herself. These effects are achieved through an intervention, which entails creating awake REM-phasis, normally experienced during the night while sleeping. The essence of the method is that the coach, after doing some muscle testing, creates a relatively rapid horizontal right-left left-right client eye movement through waving with the hand for some time, which activates the so called limbic system. The unresolved contents, fears can so gradually be resolved.

Wingwave jelképe a pillangó

Problems treated

1. Fears

2. Fobias

3. Emotional barriers

4. Learning barriers

5. „Stuck” experiences

6. Food aversions

7. Barriers related to eating

8. Negative self-picture

9. Negative beliefs

Wingwave jelképe a pillangó

Potential Results

Generally after a few sessions, quickly or gradually, the treated topics get partially or completely resolved. We start off with a subject/topic and we move forward as if peeling an onion. We seek to find the causes of the matter and try to fix them along. Nevertheless, the general well-being usually improves, and a more relaxed state is to be expected after the coaching. This method is a coaching, not a treatment, it complements any other treatment one might get, which should be by all means adhered to.