tájkép önarckép

    My name is Zsuzsanna Rakonczay, I was raised and studied in Kecskemét. After a 1-year stay in England I was accepted to the International Business School in Budapest, where I obtained a Bache-lor of Arts in Business Grade A degree. Years later I started anew university studies in Budapest at the Faculty of Health Studies at the University Semmelweis, where I got an excellent Bachelor of Science in Nutrition degree. My parents are both doctors, my mother is an internist and my father was a gynecologist. In 2021 I did the basic course of Wingwave coaching, 2 years later I enhanced my knowledge in a so called limbic training. Since 2021 I have constantly been building up my wing- wave practice in fields like general stress release, solving of fears and blocked contents, revealing and solving the reasons of nutritional and other blocks, resource coaching, self-image in mirror co-aching etc. My practice in dietetics focuses currently mainly on specific group counselling in vario-us fields of nutrition/illnesses, which I would like to complement with Wingwave methods and indivi- dual counselling later on.

Email : rakonczayzsuzsanna@gmail.com             Mobil: +36-30-3134705
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